Recover Data from USB Drive after Quick Format

USB drive is a removable storage drive which is used to take backup data of different file types like pictures, videos, music, etc. You can also use this storage drive to carry data from one computer to another. While migrating data with the help of USB drive, you might have encountered a situation where by mistake your USB drive gets quick formatted. After quick formatting all your data that is residing on your USB drive will be lost making you to face severe data loss situation. If you are among the one who lost data from USB drive after quick format, hen do not worry this lost data can be recovered with the help of one of the most widely used tool called Recover Deleted Picture. Most of the people believe that once their USB drive is quick formatted, then all its data is permanently lost, but the fact is that formatting does not abolish your data from USB drive, it only removes the data entry from index and the entire data still dwells on the same memory space unless you store new data on it. Thus, there is a great possibility that you can perform USB Quick Format Recovery using our most reliable tool and restore back all the lost data.

Common Scenarios where you might Quick Format your USB Drive:

 In most of the occasions it has been seen that when users connect their USB drive to the system, then an alert message flash quoting that you need to format your USB device will be displayed. Following this message in hurriedness if you click on yes button then all its data is lost in one go. But, you need not worry because there is a tool which is known as Recover Deleted Picture that can easily achieve data recovery from quick formatted USB drive. Moreover, if you want to recover accidentally formatted flash drive data, even then this tool could be useful for you. To know in details, visit at:

When your USB flash drive is attacked by dangerous virus or malware programs, then it becomes corrupted and unrecognizable by the system. After this incident, all the data stored on becomes inaccessible. Now, if you want to fix this issue then you have to format it and if you go for quick formatting then all its data will be lost. Well, even if you quick format your USB drive, then it is very easy to carry out USB quick format recovery process and restore all lost data back by using our Recover Deleted Picture. This application is armed with enough features that make it capable to recover data from USB drive after quick format effortlessly. This powerful recovery utility can recover pictures from deleted as well as lost partition. To know how to recover pictures from deleted partition, you can log on to:

Iresspective of the reason behind quick formatting your USB flash drive, one can perform data recovery from quick formatted USB drive by using recover deleted picture software. This application has the ability to recover data from FAT 32, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS 5 and ExFAT partition. It supports USB quick format recovery on different versions of both Windows and Mac OS X based computers and laptops. The software also supports recovery of data from SATA, SCSI, IDE, hard drives as well as from different flash memory cards like SD, xD, MMC, etc. including other external hard drives. You can also recover data from repartitioned or deleted hard drive partition. This application is capable to recover photos from digital camera, mobile phone and other devices.  Once this tool finishes USB Quick Format Recovery process, you can see the preview of recover files by making use of Preview features.

Steps to recover data from USB drive after quick format:

1: Download and install demo version of this software on your computer and then launch it. After this, choose Recover Drives option from main screen as shown in Figure 1.

USB Quick Format Recovery - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

2: After this from next screen, choose “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” to recover data from USB drive after quick format as shown in Figure 2.

USB Quick Format Recovery - Select Format Recovery Option

Figure 2: Select Format Recovery Option

3: Now, choose the quick formatted USB drive from the list of logical drives and click on Next option to start the process of data recovery from quick formatted USB drive as shown in Figure 3.

USB Quick Format Recovery - Select USB Drive

Figure 3: Select USB Drive

4: After completion of USB quick format recovery, the software will list all the recovered data as shown Figure 4.

USB Quick Format Recovery - Preview Recovered Data

Figure 4: Preview Recovered Data

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